Hi there everyone! I have created this video to help you create your own personalized watermark. I walk you through how to accomplish this with the text tool, choosing fonts and spacing, to suit your taste and match your branding. Once you have that dialed in, the second part of this video will show you how to create a watermark action – in both black and white – to help streamline your workflow. With this tool you won’t have to create your watermark by hand every time you want to place it on an image. You can design it, record your action, then you just have to press play and your watermark will show up exactly as you want it.


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Matte processing can give a beautiful finishing touch to an image. It ranges from a subtle softening of the shadows to a more dramatic film over the entirety of the image. What I love about matte processing is that it gives an image a really polished look. I usually gravitate toward a subtle matte effect for most images, but sometimes a more dramatic look is needed to achieve my creative vision for an image. The beauty of Photoshop is that it gives a precise degree of control over the image. Just because I want a heavier matte effect on the image as a whole doesn’t mean I always want to have the same intensity on my subject(s) as well. That’s where layer masks come in to be able to control the matte effect on your image with a precision that just isn’t available in Lightroom or ACR.

I greatly prefer Photoshop for my matte processing and in this video tutorial I will show you 4 different ways to accomplish this technique, with two of the matte processing styles being compatible with Photoshop Elements as well. Keep in mind that the layer masks will allow you to apply the effect as a global adjustment across the whole frame or adjust the intensity the effect in different areas of the frame according to your creative vision.

Want to keep it simple? Check out my Photoshop Actions and let me do the work for you.

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Photoshop actions are an invaluable tool to speed up your editing time! They not only can help fix technical issues like correcting color, exposure, or cloning out distracting elements in the frame, but they are also an amazing way to achieve your creative vision for your image.

As a designer of Photoshop actions myself, I get a lot of questions from photographers wondering how to install actions into Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, so I decided to create this video tutorial to help out. Installing actions is really a piece of cake, but it can feel daunting if you’re a new Photoshop or Photoshop Elements user. Watch this video tutorial on installing Photoshop actions to help you get up and running with your new goodies! Enjoy!


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Intentional use of color is one of my very favorite photography tools. I love using color theory and color symbolism to create impactful images – going for contrasting colors when I want a bold mood, or choosing cohesive tones when I want a more harmonious feel to my image. With this color swap Photoshop action, you don’t have to commit to the original tones already present in your images. It’s versatility is the key – use it indoors or outdoors to change the colors of walls, furniture, clothing, etc. You can even use it to change the colors of backdrops and wraps in newborn photography!


I created this Color Swap Photoshop action to be able to make that an easier process for myself and I’m thrilled to be able share it with all of you. It contains 17 custom color choices, as well as  DIY layer that allows you to start from scratch if you’re feeling ambitious. Check out this video I’ve created to show you how it works.


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December is here and it’s time for another round with my blog circle! This month’s challenge was dramatic light, and I was excited to try out something new. If you follow my work, especially on the Clickin Moms photography forum, you know that I love self portraits and find them both challenging and therapeutic. I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish with dramatic lighting here and it coincided with an assignment for a workshop I’m currently taking, so it worked out great!:)

Continue through the blog circle by visiting my friend and talented photographer Adele Humphries and see her take on creating drama with light.


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    Adele Humphries - This is stunning Marissa! Such an interesting and dramatic shot. Fabulous!!!ReplyCancel

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