December is here and it’s time for another round with my blog circle! This month’s challenge was dramatic light, and I was excited to try out something new. If you follow my work, especially on the Clickin Moms photography forum, you know that I love self portraits and find them both challenging and therapeutic. I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish with dramatic lighting here and it coincided with an assignment for a workshop I’m currently taking, so it worked out great!:)

Continue through the blog circle by visiting my friend and talented photographer Adele Humphries and see her take on creating drama with light.


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  • December 2, 2013 - 2:15 pm

    Adele Humphries - This is stunning Marissa! Such an interesting and dramatic shot. Fabulous!!!ReplyCancel

  • December 2, 2013 - 8:15 pm

    Tamra - Wow! Dramatic light at its finest!ReplyCancel

BoysFridayWeb (1)

Dear Arden, Anders and Brooks,

You boys make my heart feel full to bursting. I love how each of you are developing your own individual personalties and quirks. Arden and Anders, I love how lately you want me to lie down with you at the end of the night to talk. It’s almost always WAY past your bedtime, but I can’t resist your pleas for me to spend time with you like that. One day you’ll be older and less interested in my company than you are now, so I’m trying to soak up all that I can while you are asking for my time. I take turns lying down with each of you and the conversations are so different. Arden, your imagination astounds me. You are always telling me about things like dragons or vikings and the different characteristics of the various mythical creatures you like to learn about. I’m confident, based on our chats that you will be the one to protect us should our house come under a dragon attack. You like to talk to me about your feelings, your best friend, and how you want to be a dad when you grow up. You get upset with me when I tell you we’re done having children and indignantly asked me a few weeks ago, “How come YOU get to decide how many children we have in this family?! I want more and this time, make it a sister, please.” I keep telling you that when you’re married, you and your wife can make that decision together and you insist that you’ll have either 5 or 7 children (depending on the day). Good luck with that. 😉 Thank you for being my responsible, kind helper. Your thoughtfulness and responsiveness make our home a happier place.

Anders, you like to tell me all about the things you’re learning at school, and sometimes like to remind me that you already knew something the teacher taught. You like to talk to me about math and letters, and your love for maps. You have become quite the artist lately and have made a series of homemade books, complete with words (helped by your older brother, Arden) and pictures. You like to talk to me about the differences between an author and illustrator, and the definitions of characters and settings. Your stories always have a logical flow from beginning, through the middle and end. You always write THEE END on the back cover of your books. I try to tell you that it should be “THE end” but you correct me and say that that’s not right because the EE makes the right sound.

Brooks, you are my little lovebug. You make a wonderful companion when your brothers are at school all day. You’re so helpful and full of hugs and loves, pleases and thank yous. I always get compliments on your good behavior when we’re out together and I couldn’t think of a better little guy to spend my days with. Your highlight of the day is always picking up your brothers from the bus stop, where you squeal and jump for joy when you see them and run to embrace them the minute they step off the bus. You have become quite the little Napoleon though, when it comes to your brothers. You seem to be trying to make up for your small size with your loud lungs when they’re around. It’s like you’re a totally different child from the one who’s with me all day! I may or may not love Mondays the best, when I get to have my sweet Brooks back. 😉

I am beyond blessed to be your mother, boys. You make my life whole, complete and full to the brim. I may have Sharpie on my couch, gouges in the new wood floors, dented walls, GLUED projects to the walls, un-matched shoes littering the entire house, and a never ending pile of laundry to be done, but I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.

All my love,



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  • December 24, 2013 - 12:02 am

    Irma - A house full of healthy and imaginative boys is such a joy! I love everything about my boys and like you…would not have it any other way!ReplyCancel

October is my absolute favorite month of the year. I love the crisp turn in the air, the soft fall light and the glorious change in the leaves. I love watching my children play in leaf piles and the smell of anything pumpkin-flavored baking in the oven. I have the best recipe for pumpkin bread and my Scentsy warmer is always warming something delicious-smelling like Honey Pear Cider or Central Park Pralines. Trips to the pumpkin patch are one of our family’s favorite annual traditions, especially the pumpkin patch we visit. It’s called The Pumpkin Patch (really) and is located on the most gorgeous, pastoral spot in the area called Sauvie Island. I love going to Sauvie Island – it reminds me of something out of an Anne of Green Gables book and soothes my soul.  Sometimes the weather in October can be pretty dicey, so it’s not always as fun when it’s wet and cold out. This year we have been blessed with an incredible month of weather (seriously, it’s been amazing!) and our trip to the pumpkin patch was both warm and dry. My boys spent almost an hour scouring the patch for their perfect, dream pumpkins. The real fun came at the end of our visit when it was time to play on the hay bales. My boys loved jumping from level to level, then wandering around the top of the hay maze. It’s been one of the most perfect Octobers I can remember here in Washington!

Want to see what October looks like in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Check out my friend, and talented Calgary photographer, Ardelle Neubert’s blog here, then continue through the blog circle to see what it looks like in other parts of the world.:)



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