Color Swap Photoshop Action

I’m so excited to offer this single standalone action to enable you to change the colors within your image. Intentional use of color is one of my favorite photography tools around. This Color Swap action will allow you to use color theory and color symbolism to create more impactful images.


Image courtesy of Holly Dresher Photography

MGP Color Swap | $10
Compatible with all versions of Photoshop and PSE 11+

Add to Cart***Due to the electronic nature of this product, no refunds will be given.***

This is an all-in-one color swap action. You can choose from one of the 18 custom color swap colors or use the DIY layer to start from scratch. All the layers are fully adjustable to be able to fine tune the color you want based on the original color of the object you’re working with. Create bold contrast or cohesive tones to help your image feel deliberate and creative. Use this color swap Photoshop action for newborn photography, use it to change the color of furniture or clothing, or use it to eliminate distractions in the frame. The possibilities are endless!


This action contains the following color choices: DIY, Mauve, Ruby, Peach, Terracotta, Canary, Maize, Sage, Teal, Olive, Icicle, Marina, Lavender, Orchid, Plum, Tan, Espresso, Fog, and Charcoal.


Jenni 4StoryboardFINALWEB
Image courtesy of Jenni Jones Photography


Image courtesy of Holly Dresher Photography