Lightroom/ACR Presets

Introducing The Streamlined Set! This set is more personal to me than any other I’ve created. This past year, when I was in a deep photography rut, I could barely force myself to edit client photos, never mind my personal images. I pushed through the client images because I was being paid to do so, but my personal images kept piling up. And as the pile of unedited personal images grew into a mountain, it became more intimidating and eventually so overwhelming, that I didn’t even know where to start making a dent. I needed to come up with a fast way to edit my images and give them the polish of a final product without the normal effort I’d have to go through with Photoshop, or my images would have stayed on my hard drives indefinitely. So I closed up my beloved Photoshop for a bit and concentrated on learning Lightroom in order to streamline my editing even further.

This set is so close to my heart because it is literally the reason ANY of my personal images got edited this past year. These Lightroom and ACR presets are meant to work for you to get you in and out of post processing as quickly as possible, and back to life. They are simple, no-fuss presets that are designed to give you a fast, clean edit with little – if any – tweaking required. Over a year in the making, these Lightroom and ACR presets was specifically designed to give you as close to a one-click edit as possible.

LR 5 & LR CC
ACR 7.1 +

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***Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given.***

To show how quick and easy they are to use, ALL of these examples are simple clicks of the preset(s) with NO adjustments.


The presets are conveniently grouped in 3 stages:

You could be done here. These are 1-click presets designed to need little-to-know tweaking.

Color Pop (Clean/Matte) A fantastic 1-click, subtle boost in exposure and color vibrancy, while still protecting skin tones. Comes in both a clean and a matte version. Foliage Scene (Clean/Matte) Designed for images with an abundance of green foliage and creates cool, rich greens in your scene. Comes in both a clean and a matte version. Hard Light Scene (Clean/Matte) The ultimate clean slate for an image with intense highlights and deep shadows. Comes in both a clean and a matte version. Indoor (Clean/Matte) A subtle 1-click preset that boosts contrast in softer indoor light. Also works well for outdoor images shot in bright, contrasty light. Outdoor (Backlit, Intense) This is for those overly-hazy, sun-drenched images. Cuts through the intense haze. Outdoor (Backlit, Soft) A softer version for images without quite as much haze. Outdoor (Clean/Matte) A perfect 1-click preset for outdoor images. Comes in both a clean and a matte version.

Tone grass/foliage, tone blues, add grain or add a vignette

Blue Tweak (1, 2, 3) Tweak the blues independent of the rest of the image with these 3 presets. Each of these presets gives as slightly different but subtle, 1-click look. Extra Grain (Less/More) Sometimes a little extra grain is the perfect finishing touch to your images. These 2 presets give either a subtle addition or a more obvious addition of grain. Grass Toner (1, 2) Tweak the grass/foliage in your image independently of the rest of your image with these 2 grass toning presets. Each of these presets gives a slightly different, but subtle 1-click look. Vignette (Deep, Subtle) Control the viewer experience a bit more with either a deep or a subtle vignette with these 2 presets.

Black and White (Backlit) Designed to cut through extreme haze for a contrasty black and white conversion. Black and White (Basic) A basic, clean base to start a customized black and white conversion. Black and White (Classic) A clean and contrasty black and white preset. Black and White (Documentary) A deeper black and white preset that works well with documentary style photography. Black and White (Film Grain) A deep, yet luminous black and white preset with a little bit of grain to polish off the look. Black and White (Lifestyle) A light and airy, matte black and white preset. Black and White (Subdued) A moody, quiet black and white preset.