My Style

My work is best characterized as relaxed, emotive, honest, and soulful. I like to think of my photography as a reflection of real life, only a little prettier. My goal is to listen and learn about you and your family in order to ensure that your session is an accurate representation of you and/or your family at this stage in your life.

Natural & Engaging

I won’t ask you or your family to smile or say cheese at my sessions. Instead, I will chat with you, ask you questions and be silly, if necessary, in order to elicit natural smiles and expressions. My goal isn’t to have everyone smiling and looking at the camera – my goal is to create engaging, connected images that will tug on your heart strings for years to come. I’ll direct you throughout the session by guiding you into flattering lighting and positions, while still capturing your genuine selves. You’ll play games, talk amongst yourselves, and interact as you normally would. You’ll be able to relax and do what you do best – be yourself.


I don’t typically use props in my sessions, however, I love incorporating items into sessions that reflect something special for you and your family. Do you love to play frisbee as a family? Bring one to your session! Are you a fan of playing catch? Bring your football or mitt and glove – we’ll incorporate that too. Do your kids love playing duck-duck-goose? Let’s do it! Have you done ballet your whole life? Play an instrument or sport? We’ll incorporate that.

I’m thrilled that you are considering a Marissa Gifford portrait session and I look forward to getting to know you and your family!