Photoshop Actions – The Garden Party Set

The Garden Party action set is so lovely….it is fresh, whimsical, and airy, and gives my images that light, soft feel that I strive to achieve. There are a lot of different tones included in the set, which provides a variety of looks that can be achieved within one action set. They require minimal (if any) tweaks to achieve a great look. If you are searching for an action set to give your images a sweet, hazy, Spring-like feel, look no further!”  ~ Samantha Covert, Samantha Covert Photography

For CS 2-6 + Creative Cloud AND PSE 8-13

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I’m so pleased to release this new action set comprised of 15 all new actions created just for the light, airy processing that goes perfectly with the spring weather. These actions are all soft and toned, with beautiful hazes and matte effects to polish off your clean edits. The actions work well with all the greens of spring as well as preserve natural skin tones. But they aren’t *just* for spring or outdoor shooting. Their soft nature lends itself well to soft indoor light as well. Window light is beautifully enhanced and these actions give a soft, peaceful feel to your images.

 ***Beautiful imagery courtesy of: Allison Christians Photography, Amber Borrell Photography, Autumn Lane Photography, Be True Image Design, Brittany Chandler Photography,  Crystal Brooke Photography, Holly Dresher Photography, Lauren Blair Photography, Rachel McConoughey Photography, Renee Marie Photography, & Samantha Covert Photography***

The Garden Party set isn’t just for spring time, outdoor photos. The soft, hazy nature of these actions lends itself well to indoor window light as well, giving a gentle feel to your work. The response has been amazing for these gentle, light, airy and ethereal actions!!


Angelica: a soft, cool action with blue shadows and medium haze.
Clementine: a soft, warm action that lightens and adds haze
Cloudberry: a subtle matte action with hints of muted pink warmth
Dewdrop: a cool, matte action with turquoise in the mid tones and shadows and medium haze
Earl Grey: a subtle matte action with hints of warm brown undertones – a tester favorite!
Freesia: a bright, haze and ethereal action with purple tones in the shadows and pink in the highlights that is especially beautiful on backlit images.
Lilac: a soft matte action with a subtle pastel lavender tone
Limoncello: a hazy, warm action that can be easily tweaked to decrease the haze to your liking
Mimosa: a wistful, beautiful, almost vintage-toned action perfect for nostalgic images.
Mint Julep: a cool, slightly matte action with a pastel green haze – a tester favorite!
Moscato: slightly pink in the highlights, slightly green in the shadows, this action is somewhat film-like and my personal favorite in the set
Peony: a light, cool action with slightly pink haze
Pink Lemonade: a warm and hazy action, pink and yellow tones work beautifully with scenes with lots of green
Sangria: a warm, pink action, it’s more bold than Pink Lemonade and is especially wonderful on scenes with lots of green
Spring Breeze: a light, ethereal action of ivory haze – simply gorgeous

As always, this set also includes my Clean Workflow action.


The Garden Party actions are incredibly simple to use, and are subtle yet gorgeous! They are perfect without tweaking, but easily customizable for individual images if needed. Now I’m craving more – off to check out more action sets!”  ~ Christy Johnson, Be True Image Design


Marissa’s Garden Party action set is just fabulous! The tones are perfect for Spring photos, indoor and out. They will certainly be added to my current workflow. The best part is that the actions are very light, and do not need much, if any, tweaking. I enjoy stacking a few of them to get the perfect, airy edit to my photos. Thanks for making such wonderful actions Marissa! You’ve done it again!”  ~ Brittany Chandler, Brittany Chandler Photography


I’m always looking to get that perfect matte/haze look but I struggled to get it on my own – these add the perfect amount of softness and haze without having go in and adjust 8 million different steps! I love that they add that subtle change to your image but at the same time you don’t look at it and go “WHOA, there’s an action on it!”. Beautiful work again!!”  ~ Lauren Harris, Lauren Blair Photography


I love the garden party actions. They are beautiful and perfect for spring/summer images. Your actions are the most used actions I have and I use them on almost every single image I edit. I love that they’re easy to use and don’t completely change the image, but enhance it. Your actions are perfect for my style and speed up my workflow.”  ~ Amber Borrell, Amber Borrell Photography


I think it’s a lovely set of actions. A lot I have purchased or tested previously are very strong and take quite a bit of tweaking to get to me liking, whereas these are fairly subtle but still show the effects well. Perfect for Bridal/weddings and newborns. The clean work flow is the best clean edit I’ve used.”  ~ Casey Stanley, Apricot Tree Weddings


I love the Spring Garden Party Action set! There is a perfect combination of actions in this set. It’s wonderful for creating that soft, airy feel I love in photos. It’s simple to use and adjust. It creates a beautiful look for your photos without looking overly heavy and edited.”  ~ Allison Christians, Allison Christians Photography


I simply adore the subtle yet artistic actions that are in this set. They create a dreamy and bright tone to all of my images. I recommend this set to anyone looking for a new “pick me up” to their editing!”  ~ Holly Dresher, Holly Dresher Photography


Marissa has done it again! Her actions have become a part of my standard workflow and provide subtle enhancements that compliment my client images so beautifully. I love the versatility of this collection…it has something for everyone and is so relevant for spring and summer photography! With 16 actions, this set is robust and sure to yield not just one but several favorites for anyone who uses them!”  ~ Renee Boccasile, Renee Marie Photography


I am not a regular action user, but…..I can see a few of these being added to my regular workflow. Marissa’s actions are not too strong at full opacity, they give just the right amount to enhance the image. I’ve found that Marissa’s actions really compliment my images.”  ~ Bonnie Hussey, Bonnie Hussey Photography


Marissa’s Garden Party actions are so lovely and subtle, and perfect for my spring time sessions. They are beautiful when run as-is, but I liked that I still had control to customize them to my liking. I have not used actions much in the past, but Marissa has converted me and I will be getting more in the future! Thank you!”  ~ Rachel McConoughey, Rachel McConoughey Photography