photoshop actions – the holiday collection

Available for CS and PSE users! Each set includes both versions to avoid confusion.
***Compatible with CS 2-6 + Creative Cloud, PSE 7-13***

The Festive Holiday Set  |  $39
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The Thankful Holiday Set  |  $39
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The Holiday Collection (both sets)  |  $69
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THE FESTIVE HOLIDAY SET: 12 beautiful creative actions to top off your clean edit, plus CS users will receive the bonus action Holly and a Try Them All action. Cashmere: Soft, slightly matte and hazy but with rich color and contrast. Chestnut: (CS) Rich and warm, this action brings out the best in your fall foliage to make your autumn images warm and dreamy with a slight matte finish. Cider: Subtle clean warmth and contrast give your images just the right amount of warm pop. Clove: (PSE) Rich clean and warm, it helps highlight the warmth of your autumn images. Evergreen: Gives a deep, rich green to your fall foliage. Clean and contrasty. Holly: (CS bonus) A luminous, contrasty action with a film-inspired look. Leather Boots: Rich browns and subtle pinks – this action is clean yet soft. Mistletoe: A dreamy, filmy, matte action with green undertones. North Pole: A split toned, warm and cool action that has a soft, dreamy, vintage feel to it. Nutmeg: Slightly desaturated warmth. Works beautifully on images with overly bright foliage. Snow Day: A soft, airy action with cool tones and hazes. Sugar Plum: A soft, cozy action with subtle plum tones. Winter Coat: A contrasty action with a matte finish that gives images a slightly bleached look to images. Wool Sweater: A rich, colorful action with a subtle haze finish.

THE THANKFUL HOLIDAY SET: 13 actions (1 workflow, 3 b/w conversions and 9 helper actions) designed to help you achieve your perfect holiday looks! As always, Clean Workflow is included in this set. Holiday Workflow: A clean, contrasty workflow action to help you achieve your perfect clean, rich edit perfect for the holidays. It also includes a layer to take care of red faces all in one action. Fireside BW: A deep, slightly smoky and matte black and white action. Nostalgia BW: Deep, clean, and contrasty. It has added clarity and a subtle tone to achieve a slightly throwback look. Silver Bells BW: A bright, clean, classic black and white action. Color Boost: Adds just the right amount of richness, color and contrast. Also has an optional matte layer for a smooth finish. Cozy Deep Matte: Like a warm blanket of matte goodness. Fall Foliage: Lets you selectively paint on rich fall colors onto your images to make fall colors pop. Paint in Rich Color: Lets you selectively paint in deep, rich color onto your images. Peaceful Haze: A sheer, light haze adds a dreamy quality to your images. Red Face Remedy: This action will help banish the redness that sometimes creeps into faces from the crisp fall air. Paint on where necessary. Rein in Greens: A subtle action that darkens and tones down neon greens. Holiday Vignettes: 3 colors – “Mulled,” “Harvest,” and “Classic” – choose the one that best fits your image for a beautiful finishing touch. Holiday Vignettes – Paint In: Want to have complete control? Paint in these vignettes in 3 colors – “Mulled,” “Harvest,” and “Classic.”


“Marissa Gifford’s actions continue to blow me away. Just when I think she can’t outdo herself… she does. The new Holiday Sets have quickly found their way into my workflow. I love how perfect they are run as-is, yet totally customizable if the image calls for it! I guarantee you will find a new MUST-HAVE or two… or 20 from her new sets. Subtle yet beautiful. Thank you for creating such beautiful actions!!” ~ Corinne, Corinne McCombs Photography

“Marissa, these actions are gorgeous and work perfectly on pretty, backlit fall images. They bring just the right amount of pop and warmth to photos. I love them so much and look forward to using them on all of my fall sessions…I cannot imagine needing anything else to make the seasons editing run more smoothly! Thank you so much!!” ~ Allison, Allison Anne Johnson Photography

“The Holiday Action set is absolutely gorgeous, so many tones and options for any editing style! What I love about Marissa’s actions is that you can create just about any look you want. They all go together beautifully; you can use them as a finishing touch on top of your own edit, OR you can create beautiful images from start to finish using the actions alone. Another must have set!” ~ Anna, Anna Hollister Photography

“Actions made perfectly for this time of year?! Yes, please! These were so perfect for the newly (though not all the way) turned fall foliage. The various actions and helpers highlighted the subtle changes that aren’t quite screaming fall just yet. I love that Marissa adds a “try them all” button. It makes choosing the right action for the image easy as can be!” ~ Melissa, Melissa Stottmann Photography

“Marissa’s actions are extremely easy to use, and they really enhance my images without overpowering them. Although they can be customized and adjusted to taste, running them at 100% yields great results and saves a ton of time editing. Clean workflow is really all I need to achieve a good basic edit, and the creative actions add that extra special touch that really makes an image unique. I really, really love them, Marissa!! Thank you for these!” Samantha, Samantha Covert Photography

“Marissa’s new holiday action set is stunning! From a heavy matte to a subtle warmth, I am able to customize each clients photos to their particular session, which is priceless during the busy holiday season, all while maintaining a consistent and gorgeous look to my work that goes perfectly with Marissa’s other actions! In a word: PERFECTION!” ~ Rebeccah, Rebeccah Parks Photography

“These are AWESOME! Your matte set has been on my “to buy” list for awhile now and this definitely convinces me I have to do it sooner rather than later!! My edit took me about 30 seconds! It looked great after just Clean Workflow (100%) and Harvest Holiday Vignette (30%), but I also added Holly (20%) and Snow Day (60%) for a little extra something. I love what Holly does to skintones – so pretty! You did a really amazing job with these, Marissa!” Tanya, Tenth & Grace

“I love that your actions really enhance the photos, rather than drastically change them. Some of the actions you could even use at 100% opacity.” Catie, Catie Ronquillo Photography