Photoshop Actions – The Jet Set – Black & White Photoshop and Elements Actions

The Jet Set is an all black & white action set from Portland, OR photographer Marissa Gifford, available exclusively in the Clickin Moms store!


Classic, timeless black and white

Rich, filmy, matte & emulsion effects

Soft, light and airy

Toned conversions

This versatile action set includes 9 all-new black and white conversions based on places that I have lived, traveled or that otherwise inspire me. Enjoy Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Portland, Provence, San Francisco, Sevilla and Stockholm. This set appeals to a wide variety of styles: Clean, classic, bold, matte, hazy, airy, toned or filmy, there’s something to satisfy all tastes. These actions were designed for ultimate flexibility – enjoy full control over the layers, masks and opacities to achieve a custom look all your own. Whether you shoot newborns, families, high school seniors or weddings, photographers of all genres will love these action! CS2-6 users will also enjoy a workhorse “Try Them All” action. This gem allows you to quickly click through each action to help you decide which conversion best fits your image and vision. And don’t be afraid to mix and match!
Also included are 5 helper actions to help you create your vision: Film Grain (enhance the filmy look of your images), Paint In Moodiness (paint on this deep, moody, slightly hazy layer to achieve the desired effect), Protect Highlights (paint in gentle recovery on overly bright spots in your image), Rich Blacks (boost your blacks with this action – adjust opacity to taste and mask off where desired), Rich Vignette (dark around the outside, with a spotlight effect in the center).
Since all of my actions were created using my Clean Workflow action as a base, I’ve decided to include that as a bonus action in this set. Tweak it to fit your particular image and start your editing off from a clean base.
Compatible with CS2-6 and Elements 6-11. Not compatible with Lightroom.

Clean Workflow: This simple, classic base for you to tweak your image to achieve a great starting place.
Amsterdam: A soft, slightly vintage and cool black and white. Use it on newborns or for a soft urban look. Play with the opacity of the “soften” layer for more or less contrast.
Los Angeles: A classic, slightly matte black and white action. It has subtle toning layers to give it a slightly filmy look. Contrasty and smooth, it has an optional extra pop layer to add more contrast.
Madrid: A rich, warm black and white conversion. Toggle the “soften” layer to have either a smooth, emulsion effect or a higher contrast look. Also has an optional matte layer for more dramatic effect.
New York: This urban-look b/w packs a punch. High contrast and cool, it has an optional grunge tone.
Portland: This b/w action looks like you’d expect from its name. Soft, low contrast and dreamy.
Provence: This conversion is airy, ethereal, & lavender toned. Quiet and beautiful with an optional vintage tone layer. Lovely for newborns.
San Francisco: This classic b/w is the “little black dress” of b/w actions. Clean, clear, contrasty and beautiful, with an optional matte layer.
Sevilla: This creamy, soft action is light and airy, with a hint of peach tone. You’ll love it on everything from newborns, to lifestyle images, to seniors. Toggle the “subtle haze” layer for higher contrast.
Stockholm: This moody conversion is deep and intense. Brush the “deeper mood” and “Nordic Pewter” layers off of skin with a soft brush. 


Slideshow images courtesy of Anna Hollister Photography, Love Stands Still Photography, Elena S Blair Photography, Shannon Wilkinson Photography, and Corinne McCombs Photography.


Marissa Gifford is a natural light photographer specializing in newborn, senior, and family photography in the Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR area.