photoshop actions – the matte collection

The Matte Collection is comprised of 2 distinct action sets to help you achieve stunning matte effects in your images. Available separately or as a bundle.

COMPATIBLE WITH CS3-Photoshop Creative Cloud (not tested in CS2, so purchase at your own risk).

***Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given.***
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The Essential Matte Set | $39
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The Color Matte Set | $39
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The Matte Collection (both sets) | $69
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THE ESSENTIAL MATTE SET: Contains 13 all new actions to top off your clean edit and give you beautiful matte images without changing the tones of your image. This is a must-have set for the purist who wants that perfect finishing touch for their images without changing the tones they’ve already worked hard to achieve. No matter what look you’re going for, you’ll find it here – from light and airy matte actions to deep and moody matte actions to a smooth emulsion matte action, there’s something for every discerning taste. Also includes Marissa’s signature “Clean Workflow” and a workhorse “Try Them All” action for a total of 15 actions. Matte Workflow Actions: Bright Matte Workflow (a light workflow action that gives an airy, matte finish to your images), Deep Matte Workflow (a moodier workflow action that gives a deeper, dusky matte finish to your images). Neutral Matte Actions: Basic Dark Matte (a quick, uncomplicated darker matte action), Basic Light Matte (a light, airy matte action), Creamy Matte (a creamy, soft matte action), Faded Matte (a desaturated matte action), Neutral Matte (a classic matte action), Moody Matte (a deep, moody and rich matte action), Seattle Matte (a color boosting matte action perfect for perking up the gray days Washington is so famous for), Smooth Matte (a smooth, emulsion finish matte action), Subdued Matte (a hushed, darker matte action). Black and White Matte Actions: Bright Matte Black and White (a light and airy black and white action with a matte finish), Deep Matte Black and White (a rich and deep, contrasty yet smooth matte black and white action).


THE COLOR MATTE SET: Contains 13 all new actions to top off your clean edit and add beautiful tones and a matte finish to your images. If you like to play with tones, tone your shadows or just enhance the tones already in an image, this is the set for you! Also includes Marissa’s signature “Clean Workflow” action and a workhorse “Try Them All” action for a total of 15 actions. Matte Workflow Actions: Color Matte Workflow (a matte workflow action that gives rich, saturated colors with optional warm/cool haze layers), Filmy Workflow (a classic matte workflow action that gives a slight filmy tone to your image) Toned Matte Actions: Caramel (a warm, deep and rich matte action), Cerise (a beautiful matte action that adds a deep, cherry tone to the shadows of your image), Earthberry (a light, airy matte action that is slightly earthy and pink – a favorite on indoor lifestyle images), Film (a matte action that adds a bit of cyan tone to your image), Lemonade (a light, airy and yellow-toned matte action), Nectar (a light, warm matte action), Retro (a beautiful matte action that tones the grass/foliage in your image), Rose (a light and airy, rose-hued matte action), Sunset (enhance the warmth of your sunset images with this beautiful matte action), Urban (a cool, blue-hued matte action), Vintage (a vintage-toned matte action).


“I am so grateful for Marissa Gifford’s action sets. Her creations are subtle, yet gorgeous differences between good work and amazing work. I am not a heavy editor and when I put one of her matte actions on my image, I rarely need to do anything, but flatten and save! I cannot express how grateful I am to have her art in my workflow. She knows how to create good, clean, and creative actions! Thank you so much Marissa, for changing my images into EXTRA beautiful artwork!” ~ Arden, Arden Prucha Photography

“I can’t say enough fabulous things about Marissa’s actions. They add that perfect touch, without overdoing it. I can honestly say I use her actions on every image I process. If I had to delete all my actions except for hers, I wouldn’t even care, actually I’m not sure why I even have other actions loaded in PS. I just end up scrolling through them to get to hers! Thanks for making my life easier, and my photos prettier!!” ~ Corinne, Corinne McCombs Photography

“Marissa’s actions are just amazing! They are soft and beautiful. I find that they layer so well. Her “try them all” action is such a blessing. I just run that and create a combo that works magic in a matter of seconds. I also really love that her actions make skin look gorgeous with very little work. I love these actions for portraits as well as my nature work. Love them, Marissa! xoxo” ~ Caroline, Love Stands Still Photography

“I’m really enjoying incorporating Marissa’s Essential Matte and Colour Matte actions into my workflow.  They suit my film inspired style and I’m finding them to be the perfect combination of subtle and effective. ” ~ Emma, Emma Wood Photography

“Marissa’s new action sets are fantastic, they fit my style and are so simple and easy to use. I love that I can use just one action on my photos or combine several to exactly the look I want. What I especially love is that these actions enhance my images so they still look natural and not over processed. These actions are now going to be part of my workflow without a doubt – I highly recommend them.” ~ Tracy, Tracy Bradbury Photography

“Marissa has done it again with this set!! The tones are absolutely gorgeous, and as always the actions are so easy to use and combine. There’s an action for every style in this set and I love all the different styles of matte. Another favorite set for sure!” ~ Anna, Anna Hollister Photography

“I adore Marissa’s action sets.  She has carefully developed something that will fit your editing style.  I have purchased many actions and this is the first set that is honestly a one click and done, I am very excited to use these in my daily editing and would like to encourage you to try them out.  I love them!!” ~ Lisa Benemelis, mentor at Clickin Moms

“When it comes to matte images I’m slightly clueless. Marissa’s actions helped me create variations and helped me to ‘see’ that matte is not all created equal! I recommend these actions to anyone well versed in creating matte images and new to matte. The actions are able to be completely customized!” ~ Melissa, Melissa Stottmann Photography