Photoshop Actions – The Windswept Set


Introducing The Windswept Set photoshop actions: 18 all-new actions designed to give depth and mood to your images. This set includes 1  all-in-one workflow action, 15 creative actions, and 2 b/w actions with the added bonus of a “try them all” action for you to easily mix and match until you achieve that perfect look. The above image was edited with Argyle, Dram, & Windswept, with no masking.

***Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given.***
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As always, these actions were designed for ease of use and you can turn any and all layers on and off or adjust their opacities to your liking. Combine them or use them on their own to give a moody boost to your images! Windswept Workflow: This all-in-one workflow action gives a subtle richness and finishing polish with a matte effect, while allowing you to retain control over things like exposure, contrast and warmth. Argyle: A soft, matte action with magenta/purple undertones. Briar: A warm, subdued action that gives a moody finish to your image. Brogue: A light and airy action that makes the perfect finishing touch Dram: Full of contrast, yet velvety smooth and subtle, with a slight hint of warmth, this action is so versatile and sure to become a favorite! Dreamy: Creamy and light, this airy action has a light touch. Fresh Air: Cool and slightly hazy, this action is perfect for indoor shooting. Heather: Deep and broody, with jewel tones, this action is one of a kind. Night Sky: Dusky and subdued, this action gives a twilight effect with deep blues and subtle yellows for a rich but subdued mood. Northern Lights: Toned foliage, cool greens and peachy skin tones make this action one of my personal favorites! Rainy Day: Feeling moody? This brooding action gives a subtle desaturated effect with plenty of contrast and a matte polish.  Samhain: Subdued, slightly dim, yet dreamy, this action evokes feelings of nostalgia. Tartan: Warm and slightly hazy and matte, this versatile action helps evoke the warmth of the emotions you capture in your images. Thistle: Deep and matte, this slightly toned action gives a brooding feel to your work. Tweed: Dreamy blur, coupled with plenty of warmth and contrast make this action a tester favorite! Windswept: The action that started the whole set…. This action can completely change the mood of your image with its pop of clarity and is moody, slightly matte, subdued and reveals unique tone shifts.  Bracken BW: A subdued, matte b/w conversion with rich blacks, popped clarity and a subtle shadow toning that has taken this conversion to the top of my list. Highlands BW: A clean b/w action that packs a punch with its contrast and subtle toning.