Photoshop Actions


Thank you for stopping by my actions page! My actions were created to be simple to use and designed to speed up your workflow. The Signature Set is a full size, comprehensive action set that will start your editing off on the right foot. It contains 2 distinct workflow actions (Clean Workflow and Warm Matte Workflow), 3 black and white actions, 11 helper actions and 16 hazes, tones and matte actions for creative effects. The Jet Set is an all black and white action set that contains 9 unique black and white actions as well as 5 helper actions plus my signature Clean Workflow action as an added bonus. The Newborn Collection is comprised of 2 distinct sets designed specifically for editing newborn images. The Clean Newborn Set is designed with a newborn workflow action, as well as skin tone correctors and other helper actions, such as a blanket fade, in order to help you achieve that creamy newborn skin you’ve been striving for. The Frosted Newborn Set is a set of 12 creative actions specifically designed for editing images on light or dark backgrounds. They add that perfect toning and softness to your images, all while being sensitive to newborn skin tones. The Matte Collection is my newest offering comprised of 2 distinct sets designed to help you achieve the matte look that you’ve been craving in your editing. The Essential Matte set contains neutral, untoned matte looks that add that perfect polish to your images. This set is a must-have for the purist and/or action connoisseur who craves the finished look of a matte edit without altering the tones they’ve worked so hard to achieve in their edits. The Color Matte Set contains toned matte actions that are perfect for enhancing your images without taking them over the top. Add a distinguished look to your images with one of these gorgeous color-toned matte actions. ┬áCheck out their individual pages for in-depth descriptions on each set, see slideshows and examples, and read reviews from happy users. Enjoy!!

***Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given.***